There is only one who is perfect: Jesus Christ. Everyone else falls short. When I became saved I was holier than thou. I’m ashamed to admit this but it’s important to be honest. I judged others according to my standards and soon realized that pride really does come before the fall. Over the years, my spiritual walk has strengthened but it’s not without hiccups. I sin, I’m convicted, and I confess. I understand my own weaknesses which gives me empathy to others.

Today is the 1st day of a complete lifestyle change. It’s apparent that to truly yearn for God’s face I must remove all distractions that hinder my progress. I noticed I got lax about what I watched, what I listened to, and who I hung out with. This created the perfect environment for sin to grow and my downfall was imminent. Thankfully, I made the changes to prevent further decay of sin and am grateful to serve Jesus whose blood washes away ALL my transgressions.

An idle mind is the devil’s workshop and idle hands are his tools. Prayer, the Bible, and friendships with others living for Christ are great ways to prevent future failures. God saves us from past, present, and future sins when we put our faith in Him. He is our loving Father, His Spirit is righteous, and the promise of eternal life is given to His children. God forgave David of murder AND adultery. God forgave Paul of persecuting Christians. God forgave Peter of denying Him and He forgave all His remaining disciples for deserting Him. God forgave those in the Bible and He does the same for us today. The late, great Adrian Rogers said in a sermon I heard today “There are multitudes of mercies for multitudes of sins.” I can attest to God’s love, grace, and mercy. His attributes and gifts are available to all His children.

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